Wednesday, June 20, 2007


There's something about catching the train in Europe - it all sounds so exciting and romantic.
You can watch the countryside fly by as you sit comfortably, maybe even in your own compartment, and sip tea.

And if you're travelling on a Eurail pass you are entitled to 1st class travel!
Oooh, the luxury!

But somehow every one who travels Europe by train seems to end up with a train story, about how this happened and then this, they tripped on the platform in their hurry to make it in time, or how they stepped into the carriage only to have the doors shut right behind them - leaving their travelling companion on the station.
By the time we arrived in Denmark we were two for two on almost-went-wrong train stories.

The first was the one with the spelling.

Then, on the trip from Friedberg to Århus, we had exactly 9 minutes to change trains at Hamburg, having arrived at platform 5 and looking to board on platform 13.
We did make it, only to find that the particular carriage in which we were sitting would only be making half the journey.
We dragged our belongings (including a suitcase whose handle was broken - a whole other story!) through several carriages until we found another compartment with space for us and settled in.
We had been stopped at Flensburg for quite sometime when one of the train conductors came and told us that the carriage we were in wouldn't go any further either - eeeeek!!!

Thank goodness he told us, moving all our stuff through the train wasn't any more fun the second time (especialy when the automatic doors between carriages seemed to have been timed exactly to close on my butt!!), but can you imagine us sitting there watching out the window as the rest of the train continued on its merry way and left us behind?? =s


besos =)


  1. I'm prepared to bet you will have more almost-went wrong train stories to tell Kuka! Fingers crossed they all remain 'almosts'.

    cute crochet!

  2. Good luck avoiding any more train dramas! All that adrenalin from near panic is not a good thing!

  3. I know a couple who got separated that way (one on the train, one not). Stressful!


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