Monday, June 25, 2007


June 24 in Denmark is St. Hans day.
This day huge bonfires are built and witches burned (or sent somewhere in Germany... must wiki that later!!!)
We celebrated with a big party for the entire family - we were probably about 45 people in all - at my host family's beach house in Fjellerup, just north of Århus.

We were super lucky with the weather - it hasn't exactly been tooooo summery this week - there was a massive downpour of rain about30 minutes before the guests arrived, and then 10 minues after the last left!!!

Sunday afternoon looked somewhat better, so we were able to take a long stroll along the beach.

We searched for amber in the pebbles along the shore, and while we weren't lucky there the beach is always beautiful!!!

Besos =)

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