Monday, June 04, 2007

Practice makes perfect

As I have mentioned a couple (of thousands) of times, next Monday Mum and I board the plane for our European adventure =)

Whilst on occasion I may not be the most organised of individuals I do most certainly believe in being well prepared for an overseas jaunt.

To this end I have spent the past few weeks practising being in Europe*, so as to make the acclimatisation on arrival as smooth as possible.

For example, I am:
- having the boy bring me warm towels and small packets of peanuts while I sit down for long periods of time watching movies;
- restricting fluids to coffee, beer and wine;
- eating pastries and croissant as often as possible;
- replacing tasty cheese with brie;
- sleeping under a lamp fitted with a timer so that it is only dark 5 hours in each day; and
- speaking exclusively in french when at work, danish at home and like Tanya Turner at the pub.

To complete my pre-travel training the Boy and I headed off to Sydney for a practice holiday this weekend.

On arrival the friends we were staying with introduced us to the delights of high tea
at Vaucluse House followed by a stroll along the beach.
Despite officially being the second day of winter it was fabuous weather, and there were lots of people out enjoying the sun.

In fact, the weather was so good we didn't even have to put on our coats at the football later in the evening.

I have never been to the SCG before, and was excited to experience the vibe of a new footy ground.

I think the best way to describe attending a Sydney home game at the SCG is that it was like being on a page in a Where's Wally book!
All those red and white stripey beanies! =)

It was such a close game and it would be an understatement to say that the Boy was thrilled to see his Bombers get home by one 'handy' point! =)

And, although it wasn't really cold enough for coats, the corazon mittens came in very handy - J-Mo and I wore one each on our beer holding hands ;)

On Sunday we headed into the city where, on the advice of Bells, I visited Tapestry Craft for some mid-year sale bamboo 3.5mm bamboo dpn action.

It was very cool, actually, since just as I was saying to the boy "now I think its just over here somewhere... maybe?" a guy wearing a big "80% off knitting supplies" sandwich board handed my a flyer - complete with a little map!

And, as evident from yesterday's post, I couldn't quite resist some Noro =)
Eeek its just so pretty! (this is me resisting the temptation to re-post the picture =)!!)

The inspiration for this purchase came from Brooklyn Tweed's divine Noro scarf
oooooooooooooooooooooooh =)

Ok, obviously he used four balls and I have one, but I thought it might be nice to see if I can get the other balls different places while I'm on holidays, then knit them all up together =)

After visiting Darling Harbour (oooh, the Fudge Shop!!!) we headed to the other end of Pitt St, up to Circular Quay for a peek at the Bridge - and the obligitory tourist photo (hey, practising my touristing remember!) complete with our tres cool new shades =) - before picking up the car and heading back home to (slightly less temperate) Canberra.

Only 7 more sleeps guys!

Besos =)

*NOTE: I feel this works best if you can make your world as European as possible. However, I don't drive and would suggest that, if trying this technique for youself at home, that might be a good place to draw the line... ;)


  1. ooh, will you get to post at all while you're traveling in Europe? Have a fabulous time. Your travels to Sydney look like fun, too.

  2. I do like your acclimatisation style.

  3. You made me laugh with your excellent 'prectice' for your jaunt!!! I also think, to help your Circadian rhythm and stave off Jet Lag, you should wear two torches that shine on the back of your knees during the flight. Scientists say it works, my friends scoff, but I can see you are up to the challenge!!

  4. you are taking your preparation very seriously Kuka. Well done. I'm sure it'll pay off. :-)

    I too have admired BT's noro scarf many, many times. Will look forward to seeing yours.

  5. I'm impressed by how you're sticking it out, and doing the really HARD WORK needed to be ready for the grueling time ahead, LOL!

    Nice to see a pic of the Boy :)

  6. I was sitting just to your right and up a little bit at the SCG! I don't blame you for not seeing me though, I was camouflaged by the sea of where's wally beanies and scarves!


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