Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tower of GLEE!

Ok, so obviously I'm a week behind in posting(what can I say - September is just mad around here) - but when Glee returned to our screens last week I just couldn't resist a cupcake tribute!

But who to eat first? ;o)



  1. OK now that's hilarious! You are such a GLEEK.

  2. That is so freaking COOL!!!!

    So are you going to make another one tonight, featuring Coach Beiste (it's French) and Sam with the big mouth? He's kinda cute but he looks a bit too much like a young, tall Macauley Culkin to me!

  3. Yes, you are a Gleek. Maybe they could all sing 'Eat it, Just eat it'!!

  4. Definitely Puck. :) Save the best till last! :D


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