Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Hurrah! After a false start (yesterday morning I woke up thinking "ooooh I don't want to get up today! but at least it's spring now!" I didn't find out until I was at work that it was still August. Yes, I felt very disappointed!) it is finally spring!

I feel like we've had quite a dark, gloomy winter here this year, but now we're arriving home from work while its still light outside, and there are bits and pieces all over the place in the garden waiting to burst into bloom. Can't wait to see what pops up this year!



  1. Yay Spring! Woke up to a rollicking case of hayfever, so I think it's definitely started! He he!

  2. Oh, that's like waking up on a Friday morning and momentarily thinking it's Saturday. It's a lovely sunny day here, but really I think out Spring starts on the equinox, we have our best snow in September!!!

  3. Spring had feinitely sprung this morning - that is untill I hung my washing on the line and then the clouds rolled in! But still it's gloriously warm and I have my back door open. I can't wait to see what pops up in my garden too. I already have daffodils, jonquils, snow drops and some other assorted bulbs I can't identify and huge numbers waiting to bloom!

  4. Yay for Spring! Can't wait for all the blossoms to flower.


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