Monday, September 06, 2010

Sydney weekend

Late yesterday evening we arrived home from a lovely weekend spent in Sydney celebrating a dear friend's wedding - which, despite some extremely unfriendly weather, was just gorgeous!

When we booked our bus tickets for the journey home we made sure we would have lots of time to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks, followed by a stroll around Circular Quay and the Rocks - and (unlike Saturday) the weather was pretty amazing (believe me, that water was much more less calm when we were out there on a water taxi for wedding photos the day before!!)

We stayed right in the centre of the Rocks, conveniently practically right next door to a french patisserie ;0)

Naturally I couldn't resist bringing home a little something to go with our coffee today =)




  1. Wow, looks like you had a lovely time. I used to work in that end of Sydney and often had lunch or coffee in that patisserie. Yum!! Did you see the lovely bookshop down there? Ariel I think?

  2. Oh, they look scrumptious, I think I might tackle baking some macaron soon.
    The sky looks so beautifully blue!!

  3. Definitely a better Sunday, weather and macaron wise, than we had!

  4. Sounds like (apart from the Saturday weather) a lovely weekend. Those macaroons look amost too good to eat - note I said almost!!

  5. Oh, now I'm just jealous and hungry - my god, those macaroons (have I got that right?) look delicious!! ANd now I've got pancake cravings ...


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