Garden update

The garden and greenhouse have been loving this weather! It has been a warmer October than usual, and I'm tempted to plant my tomatoes out already even though we sometimes still get frosts through to the end of the month. The main thing holding me back is I just can't decide how to support my tomatoes - stakes or trellis?

The most action is in the greenhouse we have lots of new seedlings popping up from seeds I planted last week - from top left there's the first dwarf bean, basil (Thai basil and oregano are up too), golden nugget pumpkins and patio zukes just popping through and corn (which I'm sure wasn't there at all yesterday!).
We're picking a couple of snow/sugar snap peas each day and yesterday our first ripe strawberry (which didn't last as long as being photographed but A assures me was delicious!)

Xo Bron