Wednesday, March 15, 2006

done =)

yay, here's my first FO to post =)

Here it is on Monday night:

And now the finished product - a tote for my sister:

oooh, and again:

I hope she likes it!
Her fave football team wear blue with a red V in the top, so that was the idea with the colours.
I'm calling it Russell, after a favourite player from said team:

It is also my first knit project spectrum project! =D

I really enjoyed knitting this yarn, though i'm not exactly sure what it is...
its german, i think, and called Gerda. It is a wool/acrylic mix (i know - some people are anti-acrylic, but i think if it feels good....) and gives about 67m to 100g.
It knit up really quick and spongey on 8mm needles, and i would love to find something like this for my next project.
I would really like to knit a zip front ribbed cardy, but i can't find pattern i love.
I am thinking of customising patterns i have found, but this will be my first sweater/cardy type garment so i am a bit nervous =s

anyway, off to pattern search =)

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  1. Your sister's tote is so cute! I like the color combination. What a wonderful project for Project Spectrum! There's a fun Ribby Cardi pattern on that you might be interested in. It's a ribbed front-zip cardi. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday! I'm glad I found yourrs...I'll be visiting again soon and hope you will, too. ;-) Take care! :-)


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