Monday, March 20, 2006

no new knitting

well, since i finished russel, there has been little knitting action =S
Tonight i worked on veronica, but didn't come too far....
I am addicted to online quizzes - like the blothings one!!!!
A few years ago i was really into quizilla, with a friend, but i checked it out this week and it doesn't seem cool any more! =(
I just wanna know who my celeb best fried is, and which character fromo star trek voyager i am hehe
Speaking of veronica (and addiction), i have seen all the eps i have in the house at the moment, so i have to wait for the boys to catch up so i get some new veronica action =(

In knitting news, i think i will participate in the Sexy Knitters Club KAL, but i haven't decided which project yet.... - i liked tubey and the cardigan best - but i think i will knit the somewhat cowl =)

Another project i am considering is mariah

looks cute.....(did i mention i haven't done any cable before, and have no idea what most of the chart means =S) hehe

enough for now, but i have some pictures to post, probably on wednesday =)


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