Friday, March 24, 2006

pic time!

Well, after working 16 out of 17 days in the past few weeks, my roster is back to normal and i have had both Wednesday and Thursday off this week yay =)

I have made progress on my veronica tote, which I am doing for project spectrum.
Its not entirely pink or red, but does have quite a bit of pink in it =)
It is coming along ok, but I have run out of the chocolate veronica so will have to pick some up today, and I have somehow managed to wonk it up, ever though it is just garter stitch =S
And it was tres tricky to photograph too

Its actually pretty embarassing how long it is taking, considering the pattern couldn't really be any simpler =S
I'm aiming to finish the knitting part (at least) this weekend, as I have few plans (besides a Iron Chef hehe)

I've also had time to pay some attention to my little balcony garden:

and to move some red from the garden to the kitchen:

Chillies! from my garden! (with some focus issues hehe - working on photographic technique)

Most of yesterday was spent on craft of another kind - make-shift curtains for the apartment.
We're on the 5th floor up, so privacy hasn't really been an issue, but now there is a hotel opening across the street and up a bit whose windows i can see into at night.
It's also nice to be able to eliminate some of the glare on the tv from the windows.
Speaking of tv, I have started watching Dead Like Me on DVD. (not sure if or when it has been on tv here...)
It's really funny and I'm really enjoying it (but not as addictive as Veronica Mars -yet)

Just as I was hanging my curtains The Boy called on his way home from work, and I had promised to show him how to make risotto, so we whipped up this Italian inspired feast of vegie risotto and grilled basil polenta

We were so full we didn't even touch the chocolate he had brought over
hmmm, i wonder if he left it around here somewhere......

Also been tweaking the blog template a bit - hope you likey =)



  1. I like the new blog template! Nice job! I'd love to tweak my template, but I'm such a loser when it comes to computer that I'm sure I'll wind up screwing everything up. :-P Your tote looks great! I really like all the pink. And your garden looks lovely! I love red chili peppers, too. Take care and have a great weekend! :-)

  2. The blog looks great Kuka...and is that really just an avatar? The resemblance is uncanny :-)

    Well, I've left my message for you now...time to return the favour, and hopefully generate some interest in my up-til-now-unviewed blog

    Seeya...well, in about 20 seconds probably
    B :)

  3. ok, you've made my penchant for trying out new online things seem very amateur :) moods, avatars, template changes, very impressive!


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