Tuesday, March 07, 2006

project spectrum - pink =)

So, I have made some progress on the vest, i knitted til 1am on Sunday and now have about an inch on the needles =)
It's not much, but enough to see the rib pattern so still satisfying!
It is going super slow, but i am sure once i get past the rib it will all happen much quicker.

I've been pretty busy, today was my fifth day in a row at work - I usually have wednesday and thursday off, but i am working again tomorrow (wednesday) because one of the other girls is sick. I was looking forward to having a day off, relaxing, knitting and watching Oprah, but it is good to have the extra work because i am hoping to get a digital camera really soon, and i can put the extra days pay towards it.

Oh, project spectrum! I am going to participate in project spectrum, and am really excitd because pink is my fave!! (well, probably blue, but i really really really like pink too =p )

So, my first pink project is this blog!
Then I am going to fix my pink Louis Vuitton bag =)
Can't wait to get a camera to post some pics!

besos =)

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