Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Goodbye March, hellooooooo April

Since March is gone and April has arrived, I'd like to share the last of my March project spectrum pics:

Pink and red in my bathroom:

This is kind of multicoloured, but largely red and pink.
Its a scarf I have by the mirror in the bathroom to hang my earrings in.
If you look really carefully you'll see lots of them are pink =)

Pink and red in my bedroom:

My Danish flag!!! =)
I lived in Denmark for a year, and the flag reminds me of all the fun I had, and all the great people I met =)

My mum made the quilt for me - she a brilliant crafter, and taught me pretty much all I know.
The quilt is beautiful, warm but light and large enough to cover my double bed.
The bag was a gift from my aunt for my graduation.
She bought it in London, an it is the most divine colour!

And here's the pink fish, handing the project spectrum torch to the Dutch orange lion for the new month


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