Monday, April 17, 2006

I believe in the Easter Bunny

I do!
And here's why:

That's what each of us found by our beds on Sunday morning - chocolate glorious chocolate.
Mind you, I was a little worried that this might scare him away.....

Don't worry Easter Bunny, I was jus part of the way through Jess Hutch's fabulous bunny pattern!
Here's the finished product, in PS colours, and modelled by the lovely PS April kitty, Bob =)

Bob has been quite the photogenic model this week, here he is tucked up in bed reading my brand new copy of the SnB book:

Ok, maybe I'm just getting excited cos I don't usually have cats to photograph - I'm home visiting at my parents' farm for Easter.
The SnB book
is awesome!
I can hardly decide what to start first!
I really like the mohair sweater - To Die For, and Under the Hoodie, and a couple of the bags, especially the rock back-pack with the monkey and the rabbit- phew =)
Well, Mum is taking us to the LYS today, to check out yarn, beads and all things crafty, so must go prepare!
Hope everyone is having a great holiday!


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  1. Aw, the photo with Bob and the bunny is beyond sweet.


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