Sunday, April 30, 2006

Queen's Day

Since April is on the way out (already! =S), and especially since its Queen's Day in the Netherlands (vij houde van oranje!) I thought I'd post some pics I have of orange

I guess it's pumpkin season, which certainly made the month more orange

quickly became pumpkin risotto

full of orangey goodness!


And some more yellow bunny =)

Besides thinking about food, I've also had some knitting progress:
Here's yellow bunny, supporting his fave football team =)

And with his friend-in-progress, Scotty Knitty Kitty

Scotty is coming out really well
He now has arms too, and is just waiting on legs =)


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  1. Love the pics Kuka...the cam is definitely getting a workout lately! I can't believe how well the pics of the miso carrots turned out...especially considering the fact that the whole apartment was filled with smoke when you took it :-)
    I'm going to have to borrow it to give my blog a bit of pizazz


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