Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Its not easy being green...........

Ok, I've gotta confess, green's not really my thing.
So I've felt pretty uninspired by project spectrum this month.
I mean, I like outdoors green - but there isnt a whole lot of that going on here with winter so fast approaching.
And green vegetables and greeen tea.
But project-wise... not so much.
To be honest, there hasn't been much happening in projects of any colour.
Its been a super busy month - on the 1st of May I started a new job - hurrah =)
Since then I have continued working every second weekend in my old job too, so there hasn't been much knitting time =S
Mostly I've been working on my mohair tank, and the patchwork blanky - since its easy to pick up, do a few squares then put down again.
The good news re project spectrum, though, is that my fingers are itching for some
june blue yarn! =)
more on that soon

ooh, and the has been TV! =)
Right now I'm watching Firefly. I really like it, although I don't love it like it were Buffy or Angel. Or Veronica Mars =D
Ooh, Veronica is one cool tough chick!
I'm about 15 episodes into the 2nd season, and I just can't stop (well, I'm out of episodes just for now hehe)
I wonder if there's a quiz out there somewhere to tell me whether Logan or Duncan is my perfect Veronica boy.....

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  1. Speaking of Veronica Mars, you left a comment on my blog about me reminding you of her. Wow! if you only knew I am probably 20 years older than her, but hey! I'll take the compliment...wrap it up!



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