Monday, May 01, 2006

pleased to meet you....

Well, my list of projects keeps growing so I thought I'd introduce you to some of them =)

Couch throw
This guy is from the free Lincraft create your own project panels, like Veronica.
There's some really cute projects there, including knit ponchos, scarves, totes and throws, as well as a crochet bikini and even non-yarn related projects.
The couch throw (must get a snappier name, I think hehe)is going to be cream and blue and brown...
Here's the yarn all ready to go:

This one is more recent, showing a leeeetle bit of progress (and the super knitting bag my mum got for me!) =)

This guy is pretty slow going - there are 150 stitches in the row so each row takes a while =S
The pattern says 200 rows, but I think I might do more to make it more square.

Patchwork blanky also comes from a free project sheet, from Spotlight.
It doesnt appear on the website, but is made up of 48 garter stitch squares, in various shades and textures of the same colour.
I'm going blue with this one too - I'm loving blue and chocolate at the moment.

The winter blues mittens and scarf will be a matching set, in cream with pale blue and purple - probably stripes =)

I have a few other projects up my sleeve... including Velveteen Rabbits (knit a rabbit at spotlight) and plastic canvas embroidered handbag =)... but I'm trying not to get too excited hehe

I guess I should get to it =)


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