Sunday, August 13, 2006


We went out for dinner to my FAVE restaurant on Thursday night.
(Ok, at this point I have to make a confession. We had a work lunch planned there for Friday. The general mood was that everyone would be going for the banquet menu option. This was great, but my very favourite menu items aren't included in the banquet. Not wanting everyone at work to think I was 'difficult', I got the boy to take me there on Thursday night for my faves - after all, he already knows how difficult I am. Anyway, I digress...)
We were sitting in the window, so several times saw the delivery guy leaving with an order, or having a ciggie while waiting for his next delivery.
I couldn't help but notice how extraordinarily low he was wearing his pants! The waist band at the back was actually sitting under his butt cheeks, yet his pants stayed up - with out his hoisting or holding at all? At first I just wondered whether his butt was cold (hey, nights are still pretty cold 'round these parts this time of year - minus 9C on Monday night!) then I had to ask HOW? Now, I know Larry Lowpants isn't that uncommon among 'young people these days' (hehehe), but can anyone tell me how they do it???

I wanted to leave you with some pics but blogger won't let me upload =(

besos =)


  1. Well most of them have belts that are so tight around there upper thighs that it starts to leave a mark, and that mark makes a indent. well that is about all i know, most the kids in the US are like this two and i have asked a few times if there parents could not afford cloths that would fit. HEHE

  2. Did you actually take photos of the butt cheeks in question? Inquiring minds want to know

  3. hehe, if i'd had my camera with me maybe hehe
    I hadn't quite realised how that read hehe


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