Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I'm a pattern person. Now by pattern person I don't mean that you'll catch me hitting the town in a hibiscus shirt and tartan print pants. It's just that I notice patterns. I guess that's why I was good at maths when I was at school. And why I've enjoyed learning languages so much - you get to break down phrases and getting into how words are put together according to some template to give them meaning. And don't even get me started on genes - page after page of four simple molecules rearranged to give the blueprint for each of us.

There's times when it's not so great, two times in particular. If I'm walking alone I can't help counting the number of steps I take in each square on the footpath. Often it's two. Usually it's two for about 4 squares, then you can only fit one, then it starts over. 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,1,2 and so on. It's like having a really lame song stuck in your head, and just as hard to shake.

The other time patterns bug me is with tv. I can't help drawing comparisions between a new tv show and something I've seen before. Characters or plots. Take Firefly, Episode 10- Trash. Mal and Saffron smuggle something from a ship by dropping it in the garbage and collecting it later. Han Solo does the same with the Millenium Falcon - settles it with the trash to float gently away when it's dumped. Then there's River, Simon's loopy sister. Human but meddled with so she isn't quite right. She doesn't really understand the others, and says inappropriate things. Sounds like Seven-of-nine from Voyager. Maybe it's kind of a stretch, but these parallels jumps right out at me. Of course, sometimes they're handed to you. Platter - pattern, hellooooo. Like in two tv shows that have just started on tv here.

The first was Criminal Minds. Great show - Mandy Patinkin is brilliant and there are some really interesting characters -I especially like Spencer (oh, and Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Spencer has a v. cool website). Then there's Penelope Garcia - the weird nerdy kind of computer whiz chick. Totally a blonde Abby.

Then there's Bones. I guess I've only ever known David Boreanaz as Angel, so I was really impressed when by halfway through the episode I really felt like I was getting to know a new character. Sure, he looked like Angel, but I was seeing Special Agent Seeley Booth. Then it came. We get the story behind Booth. He used to be a sniper, now he works to make up for it by solving cases for people. Hhmm murderous guy turns good and dedicates his time to helping others in the hope of saving his soul. I expected the parallel to come from the character, but the script...?

Not that I'm letting that stop me, mind you. I've really enjoyed both shows, and it's great to have some new stuff, and especially with actors whose work I've really enjoyed before. And hey, they're both about teams who specialise in patterns so at least I know I'm in good company!

Besos =)

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