Thursday, August 17, 2006

the snake thing

I don't really get the snake thing.
Like people having them as pets. I mean, I can understand that people DO have them , but not WHY.
Now there's a whole new thing not to get. Taronga zoo in Sydney are running courses for people to cure their snake or spider phobias.
I know people go through all kinds of things to cure some phobias - fear of flying/open spaces/enclosed spaces/green vegies etc. This makes sense - I can totally see how these kinds of fears would be really debilatating.
But I don't think that a fear of snakes is irrational - especially with the charming fellows so common here in Australia. I mean, snake bites you, you could die. That's not an irrational fear, that's a survival instinct.
So, why with the cure?
I think I'll stick to 'meet a cheetah' and leave the extreme zooing to the real thrill-seekers

besos =)

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