Tuesday, October 31, 2006

a car full of boxes holding all my worldly possessions

So, on Sunday evening, after about 5 car trips, we finally finished the move hurrah =)
I'm not sure how we fit so much in that little three-door hatchback car - between getting the seats put down in the back, and Jenny having the visual/spacial co-ordination of a genius tetris grand master of the world, we fit a lot in each trip.

On the way home on that last trip Jenny and I thought it would be a good idea to stop at the supermarket - it is never a good idea to go to the supermarket when famished and then double the not-goodness of the idea for taking an equally famished friend with!! We also got stuck in the vicious crackers and dip circle - you know where you get a pack of crackers, then there's two dips you want, then you walk past the cheese pick up some brie, so you have to go back for more crackers, but now you probably have to many crackers and so it goes on. This is similar to the vicious circle of chips and salsa - you start off by buying one pack of chips and one jar of salsa. Then the chips run out but you still have salsa left so you buy more chips. Then you have too many chips - you can see where this is going....
The Boy barbequed for us while we worked on balancing out the snack cycle. He claimed it was his first time, but believe me he can cook a mean barbie!!
For now all of my stuff is in bags/piles/boxes in the garage (yup, that rubble in the pics is all my worldly possessions). Perhaps I'll get around to unpacking (or atleast re-organising) some of it on the weekend. =S

hope your week has started well =)

besos =)

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