Monday, October 09, 2006

gotta love this city

Ok, I'm going to give you the link for Belinda Bunny, then attempt to figure out what modifications I made =)

Hopefully this link to the spotlight project sheetswill work, otherwise you could try this one.

I knit Belinda on 4 dpns.
I started by casting on 22 stitches, then followed the shaping as described in the project sheet, knitting in garter stitch, until the widest part of the head (36 stitches I think) then decreased again following the fact sheet, until I was down to 12 stitches around the neck. At this point you probably want to stuff the head. This is also when I embroidered the facial details, but if you're going to find it creepy working on a severed smiling head then it may be better to wait...

Now you have 12 stitches, and need to *inc in next stitch, K1, repeat from * to end, so you have 18 stiches.
Do one row garter stitch (probably purl - i think i tried to only increase on on knit rows, but i'm not entirely sure - wow, i think my notes suck hehe)
then *inc in next stitch, k2, repeat from * to end, and hopefully you have 24 stiches,
garter stitch one row again then *inc in next stitch, k1, repeat from * to end hopefully my calculations are right and you have 36 stitches =)(if you want a 'stronger' shoulder try skipping the step where you have 24 stitches - go straight from 18 to 36 by increasing in each one)
Next you need to do 21 rows of garter stitch and you're ready to do the splits.

This is the top of the legs.
At this point I moved half of my stitches onto a stitch holder and knit the remaining half, on the round, for 22 rows.
k2tog, so you have 18 stitches, garter stich for one row, then k2tog so you have 9.
Break off your yarn and use a yarn needle to thread through all 9 stitches and pull tight.
Then just repeat with the stitches on the holder and you have two legs =)
The best part about knitting the head body and legs all in one piece is that you're nearly done already!

The ears and arms I made just like in the project sheet, except I did the arms in the round too.
Hopefully once you sew on the arms and ears you'll have something that looks like a bunny =) (otherwise just add another ear and tell people it's an alien?)
Like I said, the pattern also had a tail, but I skipped that bit =)
Good luck!

My pics tonight are the Melbourne by night, from my trip last week.
Mostly they are taken from on (well, on a bridge) the Yarra River or at Southbank, along the Yarra.
In one you might be able to make out Flinder's St Station.
The one directly above looks directly up along Southbank, where there are a bunch of cafe's and restaurants looking out to the water, and where we sat for a drink after dinner.
We saw some amazing street art (that one was called 'My trip to Bali'), and finished our evening with some delish gelato

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