Friday, October 13, 2006

gratitude friday

I was doing a little blog-hopping the other day when I came across a blog called Creative Little Daisy, where I was inspired by Autum's 'gratitude friday' posts. Every Friday there's a post on things she has been thankful for during the week. This is an idea she borrowed from another blog who had borrowend in from another blogger. And here I in turn borrow from her!

Things that have made me smile this week:
- the boy =);
- finding Creative Little Daisy;
- finding out what Bertie is really made of;
- finishing Belinda Bunny and J-Mo earrings;
- finishing J-Mo earrings again (after a moment of OCD where I decided they were just not quite right and I did whatever the jewelery making equivalent of frogging is);
- watching star wars for the 498th time;
- kids flying kites;
- not having to wear a jacket, or even cardigan, for a whole day, from leaving the house am to pm return from work, for the first time this year;
- getting my hands on the first episode of Veronica Mars season 3!; and
- the first 'ooh must take detour on way home because the weather is way to glorious not to stop by the beer garden with everyone else in this city!' day of the season!!!

have a great Friday all!!
besos =)

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