Thursday, October 19, 2006

In the bag

As promised I'm posting some progress pics from the bag I started on Saturday, and would you believe, a finished pic too!!!!! I finished on Tuesday hurrah =) Here I am modelling it on the way to work on Wednesday morning!

But let's start from the beginning =)
When Mum and I first bought the sewing machine I bought a bag of scrap fabrics.
From this I picked out the fabrics in bits large enough to cut strips from.
I ended up with these six blue/black/white prints, to which I added some plain
dark and pale blue.

I sewed the strips together and ironed them out - here are my two sides still warm on the ironing board - then they were quilted and, as you can see, all sewed up and ready to go! =)

I used a magnetic fastening, and a zip pocket - check out the heart fabric (i totally heart that print!)

Hurrah =) I'm so proud of my new handbag - I was a bit worried about how it was going to work out, since I haven't done any sewing for probably 10 years! So I'm really excited and now can't wait to start on my next project =)
And thanks again to Autum at Creative Little Daisy for the inspiration (and tutorial!!!) =)

BTW, that's Yarn Harlot's book in there - I just finished it today and it was a great read =)



  1. Whoo hoo! you go girl! Fantastic job.
    I have had one of those bags on the mental drawing board for a while-I have the Japanese Machine Made Patchworks book which has it in too.

  2. I like your bag- and your site!!! Thanks for the comment on my heart!

  3. Your purse is really pretty! I love the fabric you used and the zippered pocket is a nice touch.

  4. that bag!! It's awesome...great job!! Thanks for your comment on my blog :-) Appreciate it!!


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