Saturday, October 28, 2006

on stuff, and moving it

Ok, I swear I never had this much stuff before I had to move it!
The boy and I have quite a lot going on at the moment, so it is really a "throw as much as you can into a bag, then as many bags as you can in the car then dump in the garage at the other end and repeat" kind of move, rather than being able to go through and see what I actually need/want to take with me. As a result, both my old room and my new living room, as well the garage all look something like this.
(that's actually the Cameron offices, as also photographed and posted by Bertie, but you see what I'm saying, yeah?) Honestly, its like there's just one carload after the next - who would think you could fit so much into a little room like that??!?!?!!(infact, those bulldozers would come in handy!)

Tomorrow we have a helper with a trailer coming so we can move the bed (thank goodness - and thanks P & J =)!!!!!) and we should be able to move everything else tomorrow too - by this time tomorrow I'll be moved =) (its just going to be a relief to know its done!)

And then trying to find somewhere to put it in an already fully-furnished house is a whole other challenge again!! (like where in a tastefully decorated home do Darth Tater, Dino (he sings 'that's amore!) and Booney belong??? - just act natural guys! =S)

Of course, the other difficulty with moving in with someone is that there are things that become much more difficult to hide - like your yarn/craft stash =S (or the fact that not you take not only a mild interest in the danish royal family, but infact own probably every single magazine in which they have appeared, at all, Frederik and Mary's relationship was announced in 2003. Hmmm. I'm still not sure how to manage this one....Help?)

All this moving activity means that I haven't had a chance to set scissor to fabric on the skirt yet - is it still nervous procrastination if you actually do have something else to do??? hehe

besos =)


  1. Thanks! You've saved me the trouble of doing the Interchange angle :) I've been cutting it fine getting onto the bus the past week, so haven't had a chance to capture the side-on glory of destruction.

  2. No, I don't think you're procastinating on the skirt-I think you're pretty tied up with stuff. Moving? wow, and trying to sew at the same time. Give yourself a break, the fabrics not going to running away. I can tell you from experience-the stash just gets bigger.


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