Saturday, October 07, 2006

perfecter the next!

We are having such a great spring here, weather-wise, at least so far! =)
It has really been perfect one day, 'perfecter' the next.
Today was forecast to be about 27C, i think, and it is all beautiful sunshine =)
And starting your day with this helps too!!:

(mmm french toast with maplesyrup and strawberries ooooh yeah - hey, its my blood pressure not my cholesterol that the issue, ok)

My day has been spent 'doing a few things', just average everyday things.
As I said, I have been away with Mum and then work for over a week, so there's things like washing, but mostly just just having time to myself type things.

I am determined to 'finish a few things' this weekend too - as in my blog from yesterday. I do find writing it down like that makes it more likely that I'll actually do something. It's funny, but I've always had much more respect for the written word than for the spoken, I guess because it's the in front of you and there's not really any taking it back. Writing is so definate. This makes the written word a bit scary though, too. I'm always a bit nervous about writing for people, whether its assignments/documents for study/work or even emails and letters. I'd much rather speak to someone, then if you say something stupid you can just keep talking like it never even happened and maybe they didn't notice, or maybe they think they misheard. But if you write something down its there for ever, for people to read and re-read and its much less likely someone will miss whatever comment you wish you hadn't made. (luckily with blogger you can edit it out and pretend it didn't ever happen hehe)
Anyway, I think this afternoon will be earings, and tommorrow some knitting with Australian Idol =)

besos !! =)

BTW, the pics are from Floriade, a festival of flowers held every spring in our city.
Mostly the flowers are tulips, but there is also clever use of smaller plants like pansies and various ground-covers that help make the colours so strong.

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