Thursday, October 05, 2006

picture perfect

Well, after an ENTIRE WEEK unexpectedly away from the internet (!!!), I've finally been able to plug back in again. Yay!
Last Thursday I set off with my mum in the direction of Melbourne to spend the weekend before attending a work meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday (I know - work is super exciting for me at the moment!!)
I have at least 100 stories and 347 photos I'm dying to share about the past week, from tulips to buying a new sewing machine (!!!) to meeting a childhood hero to kitty print quilting fabrics, footy fans, a fellow crafty blogger, cocktails and my tour of secret french melbourne!
For tonight, though, check out another beautiful pic of the museum. After my work seminar there last Friday we went with mum on the Sunday to have more of a look inside. It was amazing! I guess in about 3 hours in the museum we saw perhaps a third of the exhibitions on display! Sunday was probably the only day in the past three weeks where the weather hasn't been picture perfect, but the rain cleared to the picture perfectest scene ever:


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