Wednesday, October 18, 2006

prisoner of society

ok, so one of the Boy's good friends is in a band called the Red Riders (or check out their 'my space'), and they were playing as the support on the Living End's State of Emergency tour, along with End of Fashion, so on Sunday we went along to check it out.

The Red Riders' set was pretty short (30 min) but they definately rocked! They played some of their older stuff, plus some stuff from their new album Replica Replica - which is out on October 21, by the way =p.
Anyway, the set was awesome! We caught up with the band for a little bit right after the set, then just caught the end of the end of fashion hehe o yeah hehe
(That's Ads in the stripes signing stuff for fans, and Alex further back behind him)

Then it was time for the Living End. Ok, like 8 years ago, when I was still at school, we LOVED these guys and let me tell you i still dig their sound!
Their set was so high energy, with classics from 'back then', new stuff and even a cover of tainted love (I totally heart that song!)
My fave bits were Scott standing on his double bass as he played it, Chris standing on the drumkit while he sang, and the part where the Red Riders came back on stage to sing the 'Uncle Harry' song (about a dirty old uncle relieving himself in the bath).
Seriously, these guys can play the absolute crap out of their instruments - they're playing Japan, NZ, UK and Nth America before Christmas and I would totally recommend them live. It was the last gig of a seven week 27 show tour, and after we got to go backstage and celebrate with the Red Riders, the Living End, and Rodney of the End of Fashion - formerly of Sleepy Jackson - (the rest of the band had to catch a late flight from Canberra to Sydney to be in time for a midnight flight back to Perth).

The guys were all really cool and super friendly. We argued over the greatest tv theme ever, threw m&ms at each other (oooh the wasted chocolate!), I took some pics for Chris as the guys posed for 'happy snaps' together, and a rock star told me that my job sounds really cool and interesting! It was so much fun (it was not so fun when I had to get up for work on Monday though =S)

Next up the Red Riders' are touring with Little Birdy, yay - I can't wait =)

besos and rock on! =p

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  1. Sob :( With a story as exciting as that, I'm now going to have to stop blogging... too hard to compete... Oh well, it was a fun 3 years...


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