Sunday, October 29, 2006

strange relationship

I have never had a relationship quite like the one I have with Veronica Mars.
Perhaps it's because this time I've had (some) control over the speed at which we move forward, whilst other TV relationships have been on the terms set by the tv stations. The new season of Buffy would start. Every week there would be a new episode. I might rewatch during the week, but anything new was dictated by a higher power and completely out of my hands. During the 'off-season' there would be pining, and I'd have to resign myself to reruns untill Buffy was back.

With Veronica it has always been different
Bertie introduced us. He'd read reviews on a new series that had already aired in the states and imported the DVDs.
Two things I know for sure I can count on Bertie for, he both:
- has good taste; and
- knows my taste better than perhaps anyone else I know.
So when he said he thought he had something I might enjoy I went with it, and borrowed the DVD.

Veronica and I were quickly inseperable. Beauzo was soon hooked too, and we spent hours together on the sofa watching episode after episode. We didn't have to wait week to week, and if someone was an episode or two behind the other would rewatch with them.

We got through the season pretty quickly, and when the screen went black on the final episode we couldn't stand to wait to see who was behind that door. I contacted Bertie immediately to find out when we could get season 2 (Veronica had started on TV here, but was showing very sporadically and wasn't even close to ending).
It was going to be months, then Beauzo did a little Marsing of his own, and discovered season two was just begun in America, and managed to get his hands on the episodes.

We watched the first episode of season two, and it was like the lust was cured. It was some time before I even thought about watching anymore - I knew who was behind the door, I knew Veronica was ok, and I didn't need to know any more than that. The lust was cooling. We might have had 10 episodes waiting for me before I really thought about it again. I started to watch an episode here and there, then suddenly it was happening again. Hmmm, if I brush my teeth while I'm in the shower that will save some time getting ready for work - I could probably squeeze in one more episode.

Pretty soon I was caught up, then matched Veronica pretty much week for week. Then something changed. With four episodes left in the season I found myself making excuses not to watch. Beauzo had made it through the season, and was busting to talk about it, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I realised that I didn't want it to be over. Eventually I overcame my completion phobia and watched(actually, J-mo and her boy are mad 'Ronnie' fans too. I was lending them the disc, but didn't want them to watch before I did, incase they accidentally spilled something!) The final episodes were intense, for sure, but there was no urgency in the end for anything more.

The third season of Veronica began about 4 weeks ago in America. The boy has been collecting the episodes for me. But, oddly, in the same way that I didn't want it to end before, something has held me back from watching again. As strange as it sounds, I think I was happy with where Veronica ended last season, and if anything bad has happened 'over summer' I don't even want to know - ignorance is bliss (ok, I've been in denial about what's happening on a tv show =S)

This weekend, along with moving (btw we finished hurrah, more on that tomorrow, maybe), I've been catching up with an old friend. I had decided I would wait untill I had 4 episodes. That's how many will fit on a dvd disc. I had promised to get the disc to J-mo on monday, and again didn't want to be behind in the watching =) So I spent a couple of hours (three episodes, to be exact) with Veronica over the past few days, and am so excited to report that Ronnie is back as cool, smart, sassy and fun as ever!!!

besos =)


  1. To be honest, I don't know how anyone can watch episodic TV except in bulk. I'm not prone to bingeing in any other way, but I love the cycle of denial (till the DVDs arrive) and then hard-core watching (I finished season 1 of VM in a weekend). While most TV is crap, there's enough awesomeness that my next binge is never too far away :) Bones and Alias S5 in early December!

    btw - I laughed at my new #1 entry in your blogroll :D

  2. Glad to hear she's living up to expectations :-) Just like you, I've been waiting til I have a few episodes to sate my appetite before I start...something about watching one episode, getting hooked again, and then not being able to keep going is more upsetting than watching no VM at all. And a good thing it is too that I came to that decision....I managed to download episode 1 the first night I tried, but since then I seem to have hit a drought. I'll have to keep searching though...only then can I find out that Beaver really isn't dead, and it was all some kind of horrible misunderstanding.

    besos :)

  3. I haven't seen Veronica Mars yet but now I am intrigued. We started watching West Wing back to back a couple of months ago and are experiencing similar feelings to you. We love it so much and are dreading the end, when we finished with Season 3 we tried to take a break but in the end we couldn't hold out more than a couple of weeks. We will be devastated the day we watch the last ever episode.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my pots.


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