Wednesday, October 25, 2006

taking the bull by the proverbial

Horns that is.
And my sewing.
Today I left work early so I could go to Lincraft and pick out a pattern and some fabric to sew myself up a skirt. I have done this a couple of times before, but I always end up feeling overwhelmed (can you ever just be whelmed? I think you can, in Europe) and leaving with no pattern no fabric no nothing (well, ok, I never leave Lincraft with nothing).

But today I left with everthing I need (ok, I will have to go back for a zipper, but you know, details details hehe).
I picked out the fabric first - actually i had it in mind for a dress, but to be honest Lincraft don't exactly have the best selection of fabrics.....
- and a pattern from New Look by Simplicity (see, it says 'Easy' on the front - they wouldn't lie, would they?).

To be quite honest I am a bit nervous about this whole sewing clothing thing. The thing is, I can't find anything much that I like in the stores for summer - and most of it doesn't really look great on me. So now I'm worried that I'm making an assumption that making something myself will help. I mean, if I can't find anything I like that suits me in the shops is it reasonable to think that I can do better?
So I'm scared that now I will have bought the pattern and fabric and put so much time and heart into making something and when it's finished it will be the wrong size, or not suit me, or just be wrong, and I'll be really disappointed.
I just keep trying to remember that if it does turn out then I can make like a thousand (or so hehe) and be in skirts for ever!! =)

As for as materials go, though, I think I'm all set =)
See, I even picked up some entertainment too =) - 'School of Rock' - (cello!!!), with Jack Black, and Robbies new album 'Rude Box'. I was particularly excited about the Robbie album - he does a cover version of 'Bongo Bong' and 'Je ne t'aime plus' by Manu Chao - one of my fave international artists! Ooh, Robbie and I have so much in common!!! hehe

You may not be able to tell from the picture there, but that white square of fabric is..... (wait for it)... fusible interfacing!!!! taaaadaaaaa hurrah!!
Not only did I remember, but I got it as a remnant - 50 cents!!

Definately ready - hope to do cutting out (at least)on the weekend =)
(mind you, Mercury goes retro on Saturday, and that worries me too!! =S )
Wish me lucky sewing vibes!

besos =)


  1. Yay for sewing. I love sewing, I just wish I had more time and patience for it. I know your fustrations with it, as I've yet finished a wearable that is wearable. However, with perserverance you and I will succumb to this!


  2. You will be fine, I only started sewing a few months ago and now I love it, so quick compared to knitting. That looks like a great pattern and such pretty fabric. I bet you will be wishing you had done it years ago in no time at all.

    Thanks for your well wishes by the way, we are all fully recovered now thank goodness.

  3. Well, you knit garments don't you? Think of it this way, sewing is easier to alter and tweak without undoing the whole fabric!

    While you're wondering about whether you can be just 'whelmed'.. .I have always aspired to dropping the 'dis' to be 'gruntled'.

  4. Just jump in, and go for it. Make it one size bigger than you need, as I'm speaking for myself here, but I have gotten so used to wearing everything more on the hips than on the waist.
    You can always take it in.

  5. I have no knitting advice (the last thing I knitted was a Mr Men apron in primary school...) but I can say that my sister lent me Robbie's album tonight, so I will report back soon on my esteemed opinion of his latest musical foray. For now though... bedtime.

  6. I can't wait to see how it turns out, as I to love creative daisy and um she inspired but my skillz are lacking...I can cut fabric if that counts hehehe...thanks for the comment left on my sons popcorn behavior...hehehe I found it quite hilarious as he ordered me around....heheh

  7. Clearly, when I said "knitted" I meant "sewed". That's what happens when I try to type something sensible after a long day, without bothering to put my glasses on (i.e. no proofreading)...


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