Saturday, October 14, 2006

..there is another...

You scored as Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. You are Return of the Jedi, the third Star Wars Movie. Eh, you are okay. You have more space battles, your bad guy finds redemption and peace returns to the galaxy. Compared to Empire, you're not that great, but you are good.

Ok, if you try that one out you will find that most of the questions don't really make sense (if it had said i was the phantom menace i would have sworn off of quizzes for life!! - well a week at least!)

But it's not our only hope.... there is another =)

You scored as Han Solo. Your soul mate is Han Solo! He'll fly you anywhere and always give you a laugh...but at your wedding, be prepared for many uh..different types of creatures to be there.

Who is your Star Wars Soul mate? (girls only)
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besos, and may the force be with you =)


  1. I would be yoda , he,s the coolest.
    return of the jedi is just classic.
    i think you may like my blog:-

  2. Ooh, I'm off to take the quiz. I don't want to BE Han, I want to be underneath Han. Forgive the graphic nature of this post. That photo just send me over the edge.


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