Monday, October 09, 2006

there is no try

Star Wars was great. There's something really comforting about watching a film you've seen so many times before. You know what to expect so there's no risk of disappointment. You can just sit back and enjoy. And there's no need to be ashamed of this either. Its like ordering a meal at a restaurant. There is absolutely nothing worse than going to order your fave, then you think that its boring to have the same thing all the time. So you order something new. Different. Crap. And the whole time you're eating you're watching the person across the table loving their laksa and wishing that you had just ordered the laksa no matter what anyone else said about you always ordering the laksa (This is why I always order the treasure bags. I will never be the one with dish envy again).
It's not that I'm immune to the thrill of the unknown, but there's times when you need that security (and maybe your laurels are a good place to rest).

This is one of those times for me, and as a result most of my knitting lately has been squares. I've been working on my patch work blanky, and have now completed half of the squares, here's a progress shot:

It wont be super big - i think about 1.2 metres square - but I really like the different textures you get from using a combination of different types of yarn. And I've found the knitting of squares really therapeutic.

So, this weekend was 'do or do not' and I did.
Here I present to you j-mo earrings

I'm mostly happy with these guys, although I couldn't find my proper loop making jewelery tool thing, so the loops aren't great. (The photgraphy is improving though, I think. I always found that photos of little things were really blurry, then last week at Floriade I was really excited because it was my first chance to use the special 'flower' setting on my digital camera, then it occured to me that perhaps the camera might not have a specific setting for taking flower pictures, because more people would surely be more likely to take pictures of babies or something than flowers and there's no special baby setting, so perhaps the setting with the picture of the flower is actually more likely to be for something like for example taking photos from close up like with earrings.... but that's a whole other embarassing story. Anyway, suffice to say that using the flower setting has reduced the blur factor in my close up shots so I may be on to something there)

and (finally!) Belinda Bunny:

I think he is super cute (i'm not sure why, with the pink yarn and being called Belinda and all, but I'm totally getting a masculine gender vibe off this guy. Maybe its the bow-tie?)
Belinda is knit from a free project sheet from spotlight, with some changes to the pattern: I knit Belinda in the round on four dpns, and with the head, body and legs all in one piece. I also let off the tail (being for a small child i think it is good to have as little attached as possible.)
I will most likely link to the pattern sometime when it is not way past my bed time (and on a school night!!!)


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  1. Yippee for Belinda Bunny. She's gorgeous. I'd love to give her a go if you post the link, and your changes sometime.


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