Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I love my granny....


I can't believe I was so scared (I had put 'squared' and had to change it! hehe) of granny squares! I continue to be amazed at how simple and straight-forward some things are once you actually give them a try - and don't tell anyone, but even though they look super cool, granny squares are easy-peasy!
My biggest problem is trying to decide when to stop! At first I had envisaged 9 squares. Now I'm trying to decide between 36 or 48!
Also currently in the (very early) planning stage is some kind of adventy christmasy type project.

soo much to do, only two weeks til advent!!!

besos xoxox


  1. 36 or 48!? That sounds like a TON of granny squares! [This from someone who is firmly in the "that looks really hard" corner.]


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