Monday, November 06, 2006


Throughout my 'blog-hopping' travels I have often come across people suffering the dreaded 'startitis'. That is, when you're almost finished one thing and get an itch to start something new before you finish the first. Lately I've found I've been having a similar problem. My problem, however, isn't with wanting to start something new before I've finished the old. I can't even get started. As soon as I'm ready to start something, I think of something else to do. Ideaitis? Inspiritis?

One of my main sources of inspiration at the moment is Handmade magazine. Every issue has at least 8 projects I'd like to try, or that I can see potential for them to be adapted to something I'd like to try.

Of course, I'm holding fellow bloggers mostly responisble - every time I go online and checkout other 'crafting' blogs there is something fabulous I just have to try!

keep on inspiring!

besos =)


  1. Oh Kuka. If I properly respond to this I will need my whole own post. Suffice it to say, metoometoometoo! But I still think being too full of ideas and inspiration and frustrated for time and resources to actually do it all is so much better than lacking inspiration.

  2. Metometo from me to! I also love the generosity of bloggers in sharing their creations.


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