Monday, November 27, 2006

one step forward two steps back

So, I did manage to get into see the doctor yesterday.
In short, the x-rays I had last Wednesday showed no sign of bone injury, suggesting a simple (but nasty) sprain.
My foot, however, has other ideas.
The doctor wasn't happy with how its healing - mainly that it isn't much.
The bruising is progressing as it should, and the swelling is mostly down, but I still can't put any weight on the heel - a week after a sprain you would expect to be just about off crutches.
It has actually been more painful over the last few days than it was last week.

Next step is a bone-scan on Wednesday, which will show up any fracturing or bruising to the bone that the x-rays missed.
If there's nothing there, and its not better on Friday when I see the doctor again, then its CT scans or a sports injury specialist (for if there's serious ligament damage)

This also means I'm off work for the rest of the week too =(


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  1. I dunno, I've been on crutches for over 3 weeks with a sprained ankle in the past, and it eventually came good. Maybe there was more to it? My athletic career cut cruelly short...


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