Wednesday, November 15, 2006

retail therapy

Why is it that when you plan shopping time (and money!) you can't find anything you want but if you're on your lunch break (or broke) you can hardly stop yourself?!

Things have been a bit rough chez us this past week, so the Boy and I decided to spoil ourselves with a monday of a special lunch (Lemon Grass - where else?!)and some serious retail therapy.
I have $300 worth of shopping gift certificates to burn through, and was prepared to throw in some hard-earned as well.
We went to three of my usual retail hot-spots - Big W, JB hifi and Borders - and I came home EMPTY HANDED!!!

Fast-forward to me popping over for a quick 20 min lunch break today.
It was like stuff was jumping off the shelves at me!
The very stuff I was looking for on Monday!
I managed to escape with these fab shoes, a new book and a few quilting fabrics =)

Shopping karma - its the weirdest thing!

Besos! =)

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  1. OOh, love the shoes. Great colour.
    Glad you treated yourself.


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