Sunday, November 05, 2006

small and avian

I've had so much trouble posting this weekend - I could neither post nor save what I written yesterday! uughhh
So here goes, Saturday's post take 27:

On Friday night we again had the good fortune of the oppurtunity to see the fab Red Riders performing live. The Boy and I started off the evening with a delish meal at, of all places, Lemon Grass =).

We thought the bands were starting at 8, so headed over to the uni bar at about 7:40. We were a bit concerned to see Little Birdy getting into their minivan, Atticus, and leaving as we arrived, but it turned out doors opened at 8 and sound check was still happening.

While the Riders had their sound check we chatted with the lovely Abbe Fuzz, who was the opening act. Abbe was super cool and nice. She has toured with her band - The Fuzz - and this is her first tour doing her own thing. She was awesome, simple blues and guitar but awesome!

The Red Riders have been playing really good live gigs, and this was no exception. It was a great crowd, too, - there were about 350 presold tickets, plus more sold on the door - and everyone really got into the support, as well as enjoying Little Birdy.

I thought Little Birdy were ok, and everyone was enjoying it, but I don't really know their music very well and so a lot of it seemed the same to me.

There's not really much more to say, except that it was a really good night. Lots of the Boy's friends were there, as well as my friend J-Mo (who was totally converted to Red Riders fan status and bought their cd on the way out =)), so it was cool to catch up with every one too.

We got home just in time to catch the video of the Red Riders' new single A.S.P.I.R.I.N on rage - yay =)

Oooh, and I also picked up a new band t-shirt. The guys got these printed before touring with the Living End, and I thought the irony of ending up selling a shirt with a stabbed bird on it while on the Little Birdy tour was too good to let go =)

besos =)

btw, the shirt says:

So this is the Red Riders' T-shirt.
They weren't into it. They were all like
"Dude, we're not a Black Metal band."
And I was like, "What? You're not from Norway?
Didn't you burn down that church?"


  1. That's a great shirt - I would wear it and I don't know the Red Riders at all! Freaky stabbed bird.


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