Friday, November 03, 2006


The past few weeks I've been dedicating a Friday post to all the good things that have happened in my week, things that have made me smile or laugh or that I've been grateful for. This week I'm really just super glad that it’s Friday!!!!! It seems to have been a long busy tiring week!
Here's a few other things I'm also grateful for:

-The Boy – when he knew I was going to be too late for jb he grabbed American Dreamz to ease the pain! Thoughtful and a quick thinker hehe =)

-Rain - I love the sound of rain on the roof, and it’s a sound we don't get much here these days. It was so nice to go to sleep to that sound. And the garden has greened up really quickly

-It was really great to catch up with Bertie.

-and I'm so glad the move is over!

Tonight we're off to see the Red Riders play - they're supporting Little Birdy on their 'Hollywood' tour - should be fun =)

Happy Friday everyone!
besos =)

btw. right now I'm really grateful that after 3 days of trying to post, blogger is finally working for me again!

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  1. It was really great to catch up with you too! I still remembered what sleep was like back on Tue too :) Seems very long ago right now...


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