Wednesday, November 29, 2006

that joke about Radioactive man

Today I had the bone scan on my ankle.
This meant an injection of slightly radioactive material and some scans at 9am, followed by delayed imaging scans at 2pm.
As the scans are happening I could see the images appearing on the computer screen, and was very excited to see that my right ankle was coming up with an intense white area, while everything else was an even greyish colour.
I had decided yesterday that the problem was sure to be bruising to the bone, probably around the heel and maybe outside of the ankle.

Over an hour later I was able to pick up the films, and report.
I read the report, expecting confirmation of my own suspected diagnosis.
There was the confirmation.... confirmation that I do indeed have a sore ankle.
Beyond that, nothing.
Definite injury, but not to the bone.

The doctor who wrote the report diagnosed it as maybe ligament damage, probably on the medial side. (ok, those weren't his exact words but that's pretty much what it said)
Its odd, because I expected the injury to be more to the lateral (outside rather than medial inside) side of the ankle, since that's where the pain and swelling has been more persistent.

So now I go see my doctor again on Friday, and hopefully am somewhat better by then, since he was talking (in the absence of bone injury) maybe needing other tests to determine the extent of ligament damage - whether it's just a couple of filaments have been damaged or whether a larger mass of ligament has been wrenched. =S

wish me ankle-healing luck!!!
(I really don't want to have to do that whole not eating and having to drink barium sulfate CT scan thing!)


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  1. Good luck. I hope the news is better today.


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