Monday, January 22, 2007

hey, cupcake!

This weekend I gave in to the cupcakey temptation and made some orange cupcakes from the essential baking cookbook.

The recipe was just the kind of super easy recipe that is perfect for cupcakes, since you want to be able to whip them up quickly and put the time into the decorating.

These guys were just a case of dumping everything in the mixing bowl and then beating with electric beaters.

Once baked and cooled I iced with pale orange (and orange flavoured) butter icing, and decorated with pink star-flowers I cut out from that icing you use on wedding cakes.

So I guess now its official - I have the cupcake fever.

It occured to me today that Marie Antoinette may not be entirely to blame...

I'm beginning to suspect that a certain photo message to my phone from a certain Pavlova over the Christmas break may have planted the seed.

And living in an apartment where the candy coloured walls make moving from room to room feel like jumping from one giant bowl of sugared almonds to another is probably sending me subliminal "must make pastel icing flowers" messages too =)

cute, n'est pas?

Seriously, these guys were so fun and easy and cute and yummy (and appreciated!) that I can see a whole lot of cupcakes in our not too distant future, and, like I said yesterday, these are going to be great for project spectrumming!!!

besos =)

btw, you can check me out on flickr now too =)

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