Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I guess it's official then...

I was going to blog tonight.
And watch Twin Peaks on dvd.
Then watch Life as we know it.
But I'm going to bed instead
At 9:05pm.
I know...

Its just exhausting - we have moved stuff everywhere and I can't find my granny squares and the Boy is watching the 20/20 and getting super excited.
I just don't have the energy this week.

Bring on the weekend (...please...)


btw. I guess at least I got the blogging part done, even if it is a bit of pathetic one hehe.

I'll throw in a quiz...

Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?

You've got everything - work ethic, detirmination, skill and looks. But you'll never admit it! You have alot going for you, and it's all the talent you have that makes you capable of being so good. But in light of all your ability you still lack self confidence. Don't worry so much about proving yourself, you have everything it takes and all you need to do is believe in yourself to accomplish your dreams.
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one more for the road...

You scored as Izzie Stevens. You are the underdog, the one that has to work the hardest to reach your goals. You are liked by all, but have a tendancy to be emotional. You expect your friends and lovers to be loyal to you. You seek acceptance from others.

Izzie Stevens


Derek Sheherd


Alex Karev


Meredith Grey


George O'Malley


Preston Burke


Cristina Yang


Miranda Bailey


Grey's Anatomy, Which Character Are You?
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hmm not the best pictures, but I swear I don't make this stuff up!!


  1. omg! I'll let quizzes rule my life from now on with such uncanny accuracy! ;)

    Good luck recapturing some energy (don't really have any tips for that, really not my strength!)

  2. the fact that bertie said omg is so comical that I can't decide if the rest of the comment is making fun of me.....


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