Sunday, January 14, 2007

let them eat cake.....and cookies!

Yesterday afternoon I went with Jenny (who's moving back to melbourne today for 6 months =( ), J-Mo and a few other girls to see Marie-Antoinette.
I loved it!

I really like Kirsten Dunst (she's in more than one of my favourite movies - including my very favourite), and she looked gorgeous in all those blues and pinks (even though I'm quite sure they didn't have to use fake vampire teeth as Claudia!)

I thought Marie-Antoinette (the character) was great - she was really portrayed as so young and fun and likeable (ok, I know, but watching the film it's like you're one of her friends and you totally can't help but like her!), and Rose Byrne's character was fantastic too.
I really felt like oooh, yes, if I was royalty I think that's exactly how I would like to live too.

Well, you know, except for the revolution and guillotine and all that.
I saw a real live guillotine once - at Castle Gravensteen in Ghent, Belgium. It was kind of creepy.
It reminded me of that time where the ventriloquist's dummy was trying to get Giles' brain and there was the magician guy ... uewwww


It wasn't really dialogue-y, but I think what I enjoyed so much was that it really made me feel like I was there in France, sharing the lonliness and excitement and friendship and fear of the characters.

And it was such a pretty film!!!

ooh and it made me want to eat cupcakes (with pink icing and sugared violets on top!) all day long!

Mmm I think I might buy The Virgin Suicides on dvd tomorrow...

This particular trip to the movies was made all the more exciting by the fact that it was my first time at the new Canberra Dendy cinema.

I was keen to join up as a Dendy Club member - it costs $15 for the year and club members only pay $8 to see films on Wednesday, so I figured if I got to 3 Wedneday's in the year then I'd be ahead.
Plus you get a card which they stamp each time you go and if you see four films in 3 months you get a fifth free (or something)

Well, it turned out that Dendy members get $9.50 tickets ALL THE TIME!
and you can also take a guest for $9.50 each!!!
So, say the boy and I were to go to the movies together once, including my ticket yesterday, we are already ahead.
And after that, even if we share a large popcorn and coke it's cheaper (ok, just) than for two non-members to go and not have snacks!
Perhaps you can tell I was excited???
I'm a total sucker for club cards, so when there's one where you actually see benefits I get super excited hehe

So, between the members' club card and the fabulous and even foreign film, I'm sure Dendy and I are going to be great friends!

Perhaps inspired by the luxury of yesterday's film, this morning I decided to make melting moments biscuits from my fabulous new copy of the essential baking cookbook, which was a Christmas present from my youngest sister.

This book is the best Jerry, the best!
It has everything from ingredients and utensils to basic recipes and a what went wrong for all kinds of bakey goodness, including cookies, muffins and cakes.

Hello - home-made fortune cookies anyone??!! (too cool!!)

The melting moments worked perfectly - and are totally delish (even if I do say so myself!)

Ok, there was one thing that stumped me a bit.

I baked two trays of biscuits.
15 biscuits on each tray.
I ended up with 28 biscuits?
The boy was in the living room (watching Curb Your Enthusiasm), so I know he didn't get to them before I could count them.
So where did the extra two biscuits go?
(fingers crossed it wasn't enormous cockroaches!)

mmm even cockroaches can't stop me thinking about cupcakes!!

besos =)

btw the pics are from our home.

The pink is in the dining area, where we finally have a dining table too.
That's my little officey corner.

Since I'm letting the Boy put his books and computer in the sewing room, and humouring him by calling it the study (lol, joking ofcourse! ;)), I'm setting myself up a couple of 'corners' - this one for computering and then in the living room I'll have the trestle table for more crafty endeavours =) (that way I can watch the tv while i sew!)

There are also a pair of pics from our lovely back balcony - soooo much room!
Because the complex here is probably approaching 10 years old we have the benefit of having some really well established greenery - rather than looking straight into the neighbour's.
Cute huh =)

This is my gratitude friday this week - I'm grateful that we have this fabulous gorgeous space to be in, and that as it comes together it just gets better, and that I have the Boy to share it with =)

oh, and I'm grateful we have dendy too =)

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  1. Someone's had a little too much sugar ;) Are you sure there wasn't any red cordial in those biscuits?

    Kirsten Dunst is tops, not only in the movies you linked but also Crazy/Beautiful, Elizabethtown and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (all of which I'd recommend).


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