Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let's bee friends

It says "Let's bee friends" and look there's a bee.

This weekend, at the special request of a certain birthday Boy, I made honeycomb cupcakes.

I modified a recipe from the fabulous 'essential baking cookbook'- I used the recipe for fairy cakes and added choc honeycomb in the mix, then topped with chocolate butter icing and bees.

The bees are made from honeycomb too - Crunchie chocettes - with icing for stripes and wings =)

I love that cookbook =)

btw: third time lucky cast on for the red and blue project of mystery (code name rbpm) ;) today.

It's 192 stitches on circulars, knit in the round.

192 stitches are hard to count. (I think I need one of these)

Once I finally got the right number of stitches I realised that the pattern wasn't quite coming out right.
Row 6 (at 192 stitches/row) I read that litte bit at the end: note: on purl rows pass yarn behind before sl1 then in front for stitch

re-cast on 192 stitches

Row 4 - patterning looks great.
Wait, when I joined to start knitting in round I had a twist -aaaargh

re-re-cast on (192 stitches!!!)

Row 8 - so far so good.....

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  1. Those cupcakes look really yum!! You make the best cupcakes, they look perfect...mine never turn out looking anything like the books pictures. :-)


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