Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not my bag, baby

I've been thinking forever that I would like to knit this

I was admiring it (again) during my lunch break today when a colleague came past:

Her: "Watchya looking at?"
Me: "Oooh, I think I might try make this"
Her: blank look
Me: "er, the tank, see - it has lace, and the cable is in the shape of DNA...."
Her: blank look
Me: "nice huh?"
Her: "Yeah, um, I guess, it's just I'm not really into that stuff..."
Me: blank look
I wonder what she means...
not into what?
purple??? (cos, you know, I was thinking pale blue, so if it's the purple...)

Her: "You know, making stuff"


non-knitters say the weirdest things....

btw, I switched to new blogger on Sunday, and now all the comments from before then say anonymous! =(
If you left a comment, and it's anonymised you before I could come by to say it, thanks for your comments and support =)


  1. I agree, non-knitters are so whacked. What the heck, anyone could BUY as sweater at The Gap. It's more fun to make it yourself!!!

  2. Funny how some people have to relate everthing to themselves - she can't even comment on it, simple because it will be 'home made'?? If you were pointing to a clothing catalogue then do you think she probably would have had an opinion?

  3. I know - how weird hey
    That's exactly what I thought - just because its been hand-knitted is it any different from admiring a vest in a magazine???

  4. That's a pretty and sexy top. You so should knit one!


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