Monday, January 01, 2007

roll on

Ugh I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow!
How could it be all over already?
Seriously - it's already a whole week since Christmas!!?!?

On account of we'll be maintaining some denial re this I thought I might share with you some pictures of the guys who helped feed the festive spirit in our otherwise mostly empty apartment this year.

I'm keeping them on display until January 6 (you've got to get your full 12 days worth, yeah hehe), then everything will be packed away into the Box of Christmas Excitement until next year.
Then I guess Christmas really is over.

Well, except for the Christmas lollies - I'm sure we'll be eating red and green M&Ms and Magical Elves Gems (btw the magical elves' website is cool) until Easter =)

The New Year arrived mostly as planned...well, ok, I'll admit it was a little less sparkly than we had hoped (we had the sparklers, but nothing to light them with!!!!), and then today we spent much of the afternoon moving more of our stuff in - including my sewing machine, fabric stash and most (ok, a tiny bit) of my yarn stash.

I came across some abandonded projects, in various stages of completion (I don't quite feel right about using the word completion there =S), which I am looking forward to getting back into in the new year, including crochet and knit blankets, some beads and something with plastic canvas - more on those as they come =)

Actually, I'm scoping our current makeshift dining (trestle) table for a crafting desk (although it would be handy out on the balcony too... hmmm)

As much as I'm not super keen on heading back to work tomorrow, January looks like being ok:

- Four-day working week this week
- New sofa should arrive this Wednesday
- Catching up with Bronnie again before she heads back to Cambridge
- Australian Open Tennis action (hopefully live!) starting the 15th
- Hoping for three-day working week starting 15th (Fingers crossed for Monday and Tuesday at said Open)
- Australia Day Jan 26th - Four-day working week and the Boy's birthday (planning exciting day - top secret for now - does Boy read blog?)
- then the first Monday & Tuesday of Feb should be in Melbourne for work again.
- 10th Feb is the National multicultural festival food and dance spectacular day
- by then it will nearly be Easter and the start of the Footy season, yeah?

Ok, maybe I got a bit over excited.... but, you know, its nice to always have something to look forward to, yeah?

And, speaking of looking forward, I didn't even mention the 2007 is the official year of going on a holiday to Europe with my mum!!!
The plan is to book the tickets over the next couple of weeks - I'm so excited!
Ahh Danmark jeg savner dig!!!

So roll on 2007.

My hope for the new year, well besides the gym and world peace
(btw can world peace be a new year's resolution??? I saw so many people interviewed on the new year thing on tv last night who when asked what their new year's resolution was said "world peace". Isn't that more like a "what do you want for Christmas?" kind of thing? And new year's resolution is like "to be nice to people" or something? I'm just not sure that one person could have "world peace" as a new year's resolution. Like to achieve world peace? Well, unless you're Oprah - I guess she could give it a go?...)
and that settling into a new place, with my own space, will mean I can get right on track with doing more of the crafty stuff I'd like to be doing!


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  1. your decorations are so darling! i'm back at work today myself, so i feel your pain.


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