Wednesday, February 14, 2007

be mine....

Happy Valentine's day everyone!!!

I have had a fab day - new Jamie Oliver cookbook this morning (I love Jamie!)

Then a funnish day at work - I have one of those relationships with my work whereby while I'm doing the work I may complain, but I'm actually really enjoying it and learning so much =)

Then there was the true love - I totally want to get married... to these rasperry choc cupcakes! (the Boy isn't happy - he wants them all to himself!!!)

I made the cupcakes last night from the Women's Weekly Cupcakes book.
It was kind weird, since there were so many things I thought were strange about the recipe (like rather than creaming the butter and sugar together you beat sugar, butter and egg til just combined, and you melt the chocolate in water -!!) but they turned out so well!

And the smell of warm chocolate and raspberries when I opened the oven was divine!
Definately making these babies again! I'm not sure whether it was the frozen raspberries or the almond meal, but they were so moist and delish!

I decorated them with little pink tinted white choc hearts that I piped on the weekend (whilst watching heart surgery on Grey's, I think hehe) and choc butter icing.

Then, tonight we went to Lemon Grass for dinner.

It was sooooo gooooood!!!!!

The restaurant was decorated with rose shaped lights in the window and little hearts and angel wings stuck on the walls. It was full of couples (naturally, I guess since its Valentines day).

I love people watching couples - is it a first date, is she too dressed up, too much make-up (not enough make-up!), mail order bride etc. Its fun =)

We had our favourite usuals -treasure bags, phad thai and penang chicken mmmmmmmmmm..

All the tables were set with a little pink bag with chocolate heart in under each serviette =)

And since I love Lemon Grass, and we go there so often, as we were leaving my favourite waitress approached us with a gift - special chopsticks! Look, they're so cute with the carved elephants and embroidered fabric cases =) oooh I heart Lemon Grass!

Hope everyone had a fab day too =)


BTW: Bertie posted some impressive pics of some stormy weather. Here's what I saw when I left the office:

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