Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brush with death

Tonight the Boy and I are having a 'gratitude Saturday evening' on account a little close call we had here today.

The Boy and I went on our usual Saturday afternoon shopping expedition (oh yes, you had better believe there's no off position on the weekend excitement switch around here. No sireee!)
We make a kind of list, then don't really refer to it once we enter the supermarket, and I like to go up every aisle anyway - just to see if there's anything new.

Today the Boy spotted an exciting new product - Nachos to Go.

Him: "Hey look, Nachos to Go. That sounds cool. Can we get some?"
(He always asked if its ok before he adds anything to the trolley - even when he's paying!),

Me: "Sure, if you want?"

Him: "Well ok. Actually, no - nachos are pretty easy to make anyway, huh"

Me: "Ok. Maybe we'll get some next week."

Fast-forward to later this evening, the Boy is checking the latest on the ABC news website when he comes across this (as a headline!!)

Nachos health scare prompts interstate probe

"Hehe, hey, Kuka, how's this for a good headline!"

The news snippet continues:

"Health authorities in two states are investigating a life-threatening case of botulism that has left a 26-year-old man in intensive care after he ate a pre-packaged nachos meal."

-You guessed it, Nachos to go!!

thank goodness we'd already decided on the prepackaged steamed pork buns to theme dinner around!

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  1. Whoa close call indeed. and yeah that product seems to fall in the same category as that quicker cooking pasta or instant tea - really unnecessary!


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