Thursday, February 08, 2007

sleep working

There's no real post today - just a hi =)

I arrived home from Melbourne on Wednesday evening, after a huge three days of work meetings in a row (that's just about 2.5 too many!)
Its not that I don't like the meetings - they're actually super interesting - its just a really long time to spend concentrating, especially since it was only my second time.
The days were massive - I worked 10 extra hours over the 3 days!

The next couple of days back in the office won't be much better, heavy wise, since we have until Wednesday to write up the meeting! =S

Despite the long days and too-extended periods of concentration, we also had a lot of fun.

Melbourne was divine (as always) and I had a beautiful time wandering the city on Sunday afternoon/evening.
And it looks like our next meeting (in June) will also be held in Melbourne!

On Monday night J-Mo and I ordered room service to my room and watched some Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs.

I got a bit of knitting and crochet done - I took the rbpm with me, as well as the good old granny squares =)

I also did some reading - especially on the plane - on Friday I picked up "the Friday Night Knitting Club" at Borders (aaah Borders!).
I think it was just released here last week, and I saw it all over the place in Melbourne.

Is it really Friday already tomorrow?


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