Wednesday, April 18, 2007

but wait there's more (aka Easter part C)

Ok, so obviously I heart footy.
But there was more to Easter in Melbourne than lots of footy
(and a little knitting)
(ooh, and chocolate - lots of chocolate!!)

Sunday night, after checking into the hotel (and watching the replay of the final quarter) we headed out to grab a quick bite before catching Jimeoin's show at the Melbourne Comedy festival.

He's funny funny funny!
He doesn't even have to say anything and he's funny!

We really enjoyed the show, then we had the pleasure of catching up with newly Melbournianised Beauzo and Kit for a few drinks (and some emergency chocolate at Fed Square!)

The guys took us to one of their fave Melb hangouts - the Gin Palace.

They had been in to see Dylan Moran (from Black Books, which was apparently also definately worth seeing)

Monday morning we strolled the city's beautiful arcades forsomewhere to breakfast, deciding on "Brown Sugar" in the Block Arcade (that's it front left in the pic), before heading down through Federation Square and along the walk up to the MCG.

We were so lucky with the weather all weekend - it was about 26 degrees each day, and the evenings were also mild.

On Monday after the game (did I mention how great the game was?) and after some (ok, A LOT) of delish mexican food (and a frozen midori margherita mmmm) we walked along Southbank to the casino complex with the hope of seeing the fireballs.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see them go off (they only fire hourly), but I'm sure you would agree we were treated to a gorgeous light show none the less =)

Tuesday morning started with the absolute best scrambled eggs I have ever ever ever tasted, at the Riverland Cafe and Bar, (at Federation Wharf).

The eggs in question were in the egg and bacon breakfast roll, and I honestly have never ever had better eggs!

After the MCG tour it was time to go to one of the funnest places in Melbourne - the Royal Arcade.

There's so much to look at in the Royal Arcade - there's a games shop with all kinds of nerdy logic puzzles and jigsaws, a whole shop of just babushka dolls, the delish Koko Black, and ooooh my favourite place ever Suga!!!!

At Suga you can watch while they make rock candy right there in the window!!
With words in it and everything!!
Or tiny pictures of fruits or hearts - anything!

Its very cool - and free entertainment!!!

mmmmm I can taste the Melbourne rock now!

besos =)


  1. Footy, friends, comedy and food - what a great weekend! :)

  2. Aaaah, sounds wonderful - I heart Jimeoin AND Dylan Moran, so am frightfully jealous of everyone who got to see them... I agree, Jimeoin can just stand there and be cute and funny!

    I really must get to Melbourne for a decent visit one of these days - I was born there, but left when I was one month old, and couldn't go shopping...

  3. Royal Arcade is fabulous!! (So Melbourne!!) Did you see Gog & Magog chime the clocks? Granny used to take me in there just to see the clock! Is that spookie witch craftie shop still there?


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