Monday, April 02, 2007

the dilema

Ok, so here I am working on my corazon mittens, yeah. (I have a progress shot - I'll load it up when I get home - oooh, look there it is =))

Here's my dilema:
I'm up to the fair-isle bit, so should I strand or weave the colour I'm not using?
The most stitches in a row of either colour is 7, I believe.

I don't mind the weaving, its just that I'm worried my back colour will show through and I won't get enough contrast?

Ooh, and I'm using Paton's zhivago which is mostly (all?) acrylic - so any stranding wont felt down.

Does anyone have any advice?

besos =)


  1. oh tricky Kuka. Anymore than six or seven stitches and stranding is no good so you're about right for that. I don't think you have to worry about the colours showing through. It's very dense fabric and the blue doesn't show through the grey on my jacket.

    I think you should be ok.

  2. I think I'd go with weaving in too... looking forward to seeing pics! :)

  3. Weaving would be my choice, particularly with something not 100% wool.

  4. Hi Kuka,
    I recently knitted this Owl

    I tried nearly every method for the eyes, and settled on intarsia-which is what the book said to do. I wound little bits of wool and joined in a colour for each section. I tried stranding, but it just looked not nice on the front stitches.


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