Saturday, April 07, 2007

good on ya mum...

Hurrah for Mums and their stashes =)

I've started the squirrelly mittens in greeny blue with dark green.
I've got yellow for the squirrely, and will pick up some white in the city over the next couple of days for the snowflakes =)

I can't post any pics yet (not til I'm home on Tuesday evening), but I am up to the top of the trees, just above the cuffs.

We're on the train to Melbourne tomorrow morning, in the city in time to go to the Essendon/Freo footy game at the Docklands, then we'll see Hawthorn vs Melbourne at the MCG on Monday.

Our flight back to Canberra isn't untill Tuesday evening, so we'll have most of the day on Tuesday to enjoy the city too.

Oooh, and the Melbourne Comedy Festival is on at the moment - we've got tickets for Jimeon on Sunday night! Hurrah =)

Happy Easter all =)

besos =)


  1. What a great w/end you have planned!

  2. Sounds like a fantabulous weekend - and lucky your mum had stash you could steal, no, I mean, borrow... ;)

    Enjoy Jimeon - one of my favourite comedians!

  3. Jimeon AND the footy ?!?! You are soooo lucky!


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